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8 novembre 2007 4 08 /11 /novembre /2007 10:43

"À consommer avant"
"DLC" : "date limite de consommation"
These indications tell you until when you can eat the product.
In France, we use : day / month / year
So if you see :
"À consommre avant 03 /06/08" it means : use before June 3rd 2008

You can read this on fresh food, meat, fish... food you must not eat after this date.

"À consommer de préférence avant fin"
"DLUO : date limite d'utilisation optimale"
These indicate "best until". So if , you eat something  the day after the  date of the "DLUO", you won't be sick,  but it may be a little bit less tasty for example.

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